Steampunk Telephone Stand.





Introduction: Steampunk Telephone Stand.

steampunkish cell phonestand.

Step 1: The Base

As i am cheap i didnt want to pay for the little bit of wood i am using. So i drove around the industrial estate here in my town. And found a nice piece of wood just on the ground somewhere. After a quick clean and polish it looked like this. i like the used look of it. Plus it was real wood and free. And thats always a good thing.

First you have to decide where you want ypur holes drilled for your parts. Use a pencil, that can be sanded of real easy. Mark everything drill it etc. After you done that start sanding with fine sandpaper. I loved the different color the wood had so i only gave it a light sand job. After some paint and laquer it looked great.

Step 2: Making Your Parts.

First of all you need something to stop your phone from slipping away. So i got some installation wire (thats how we call it here in NL) stripped the plastic off and bend it. I then drilled 2 2mm holes. I then got a copper 15mm end cap and drilled a 5mm hole for the switch. I cleaned out a small liggt bulb for the fitting,cut off the legs from the small radio tube and super glued it together. i then insert a led from the bottom and sealed it with hot glue.

Step 3: Phone Supports.

for this part you need:
2x 15mm connection
2x 90 15-12mm
4x 3cm 15mm
1x 6cm 12mm
4x 15mm brass rings
2x 12x10 test tube.

Solder everything together as shown in the pictures. I used the brass rings so you dont see the rough edges. Make sure you sand the part that you are going to glue. So the brass ring in the inside and the copper pipe. Put some super glue on both parts. Once the parts touch each other the glue will set in 3 seconds. So beware of that.

Glue the pipes in the holes.
After you have done that solder the leds. Make sure you fill the pipes with hot glue and push the test tube in. Be quick cos the glue hardens fast. And dont push to hard or the glass will crack.

Then fill the top part with hot glue and press it on the test tubes. carefull not to burn your fingers like i did. The copper gets hot very fast and stay hot for at least 4 minutes. After everything is cooled down give it a quick polish and enjoy your cell phone stand.



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    19 Discussions

    i still dont see why radiotubes are steampunk

    i mean tubes are 50's and not 1900

    I love what you have done. Easy instructions to follow and great result! I thought you might like this as you're into steampunk:

    Image 4.jpg
    1 reply

    Oh okay

    @innosign you could just drill a hole in the bottom, slip a charger through and either glue it or find another way if you want

    1 reply

    you will have to move the battery holder in order to do that. as it is right under the telephone at the moment.


    Very nice bit of art. It'd be cool if you could mount the recharge cable into the stand so that it would also serve as a charger. Still, I like it.

    1 reply

    as said i did think of that. But she doesn't need one. But i geuss if you move the battery holder you can drill a hole for a charge cable.

    I really like the look of this, but to be honest I reckon it would be a whole lot better if you were to be able to charge the phone in the stand as well. Have you thought of adding that as a feature?

    2 replies

    plus...the phone stand is just for work. And her phone (i made it for my wife) only needs charging when she gets home. So keeping that in mind, i didnt really find it worth the hassle of moving the battery holder etc.

    i have yes. But for that i need to drill a hole just were the batteries are. And there isnt a lot of room to play with.

    Thanks. There is more coming. Steampunk reading light is next on my list. Gathering parts now. So stay tuned.


    Where did you get the red light up thing?

    1 reply

    its just an led that shines through the bottom of the radio tube. Just make sure the led is against the glass. Otherwise the effect won't be as good.