Steampunk(ish) Sight Glass




Introduction: Steampunk(ish) Sight Glass

So today i made this little sight glass. It doesn't do anything really. But looks nice. You can use it for what ever you want. I geuss you can call it steampunkish.
Tools needed:
Small gas torch for copper soldering
dremel with reinforced cutting wheel

15mm copper tube
12mmx10cm test tube
15mm end cap
90degree 15mm bend
5mm led
hot glue and super glue

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Step 1: Pipe Size and Marking

First you need to cut a 13cm of pipe.
Mark were you want to cut out the hole.

Step 2: Making the "window"

First of all be careful. The dremel is a power tool and can harm you. you need safety glasses. Small pieces of copper will fly around.

Cut along the lines.

Step 3:

To make the rond edges, make a series of small cuts. Then take some pliers and break them out. Get some sand paper and sand it. Take all the sharp edges off.

Step 4: Last Step.

Solder the pieces together. Let it cool down and insert the test tube. Glue the end cap on your pipe and you are done. I hot glued an led in the bottom end. So it has a nice red glow to it.

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