Steampunkstyle Lamp




About: Just a normal person, ill think... hobby is to make things from scratch........ Teacher at a vmbo school, electrics,metalwork,plumbing,central heating and energy..

some inspiration, imagination, and some time..

no measures just combine and see.....

Step 1: Used Materials..

4 x t-12mm cupper fitting

10 x 12mm bend

1mtr leftover cupper pipe 12 mm

2 x end cap 75 mm

1 x j12 elctric fitting

1 x cable dimmer, with wall plug.

5 x 12 mm bracket (spray paint them black)

some hardwood (28 cm) for this lamp

the lamp is a decorative shaped one, just stumbled over it in a "cheap" store.

a old small pressure meter, just for decoration.

the glass is a section of a old bottle (look for bottle cutting)

Step 2:

just arange some cupper, and look if you like the form of t, so did i...

and after a lot of trying the outcome is what you are some detail photo's ...

enjoy desingning your own.....

some parts are solderd together but never solder when the electrig cable is in place, then use onley glue.




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