Step by Step How to Draw Manga




Introduction: Step by Step How to Draw Manga

this is a instructable about how to draw manga
i am not a pro yet but i thort i would share what i do know and what helped me get this far
the drawing i have done is more to show what can be done and how, it wasn't to be a art work
also dont bother buying super expensive art supplies, i only did this with a bic mecanical pencil, just make sure whatever you use is sharp
1-9 is the main part of getting the body right, the rest is just looks

**please note**

i am drawing darkly so that you can see it , normaly i can bearly see the final picture untill i draw over in pen.

please leave a comment if you are stuck, need help,cant read my spelling or if i have forgoten or skipped something you wanted to know

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Step 1: The Head

i always start with the head, soe people pefer to start with the body but realy when you are drawing it's whatever suits yourself so have a play around and see what you like best

the head wants to be a circle with a little jaw bone included like this

******!!!!!!! please note: the two most important things are: 1.make sure you have fully thort out what you are going to draw, and that  you include it into your drawings, and the second thing: 2.rember to add color to everything you do

Step 2: The Shoulders

i will be drawing using circles and lines so that i can get a main outline of what pose im wanting to get befor putting all the detail in

aslo i ahve lined in the center of  the face, dont worry this isn't to important, its just so that i can get the hair straight

Step 3: Arms and Chest

so now you want to sketch in the arms in the position that you want them and also draw in the main chest area

Step 4: Legs

draw a circle for the hips then draw the stomach in, after that you want to draw two big circles for the start of the legs, then smaller ones for the knees then finaly smaller ones for the ankles. by now ur drawing should be rufly seven heads high

Step 5: Fulling in the Body Parts

next draw the shape of the legs and arms you want for your character, it is compleatly up to you

Step 6: Hands Part 1

next were you are wanting the hands draw triangles, one for the fingers, and one more for the thumb. on the left one i didnt mean to draw that line across it, i just felt the fingers needed to be bigger

Step 7: Hands Part 2

here are the hands and how i drawed them , i deiced to draw what to do and what not to do, the left one is good, the right one sucks.
what i did wrong on the right one was, there is no palm part only fingers, if you were wanting the hand on the angle were you can't see the palm, rember to emphasize the knuckles

Step 8: Arms

this part is drawing the arms , on the left i drew a total muscular arm and on the right i drew a skinny arm

Step 9: Stomach

try to line the main line of his chest and where he is faceing and to leave gaps between the main lines because human bones have gaps in

i have added both the strong and thin sides in, rember to draw the ribs if you are doing the thin side

Step 10: Pants

there is no real skill to drawing pants or at least no skill needed for the level i am at, basicly just draw ppants how ever you think the should sit on the legs , adding a few curves always helps and makes it look less rushed.
i have done two diffrent styles one being the basic style , and then another style which is more like dragonballz  style. so dont normaly draw them how i have with a diffrent style for each leg.

Step 11: Shoes

from the ankels you want to draw a foot / shoe shape athe the angle you are wanting them, try not to have them at 90 degree angles because they look to 2d
the pictures tell everything you need to know, comment if you need something more explaned

Step 12: Hair

there is no right or wrong here, because if u look at drawings they often go crazzy with the hair, just make sure it suits the charactar you had in mind
the pictures tell everything you need to know, comment if you need something more explaned

Step 13:

i apoligize for not spending a lot of time on the eyes, but i could have sat there all day and still not achevied what i wanted, again like the pants , shoes and hair , this is just for this person, you can draw yours anyway you like or feel suits it
the eyes are one of the most importand parts because it dicribes the mood they are in, and were they are looking
the pictures tell everything you need to know, comment if you need something more explaned

Step 14: Top

basicly you dont have to draw a top, haveing no top is axeptable  (unless its a girl) so when it comes to drawing a top dont realy worry about how it looks, just make sure it has lots of little detail and isn't to blank

Step 15: Detail

if you feel that the top or pants are looking to bland add some detail, e.g. a chain, a few rips , some images or writeing

Step 16: Almost Done

here is the drawing and other drawings i have done, hopefully they can help you

Step 17: Final Step Add Color !!!!!

dont forget to add color, it is the second most improtand thing to rember

i have also upoaded other drawings on this number

rember also, not to go over the top with rinkles only put them in were it is aproperate, also i am happy to post a how to draw eyes instructible if anyone wants it

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8 years ago on Introduction

wow this is good. although i know how to draw realisticaly, im also practicing manga. this was really helpful! thanks!


Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

no problem, always nice to have feedback, thanks :D


Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

i have they look mint, nice work :D