Step Ladder

Introduction: Step Ladder

we shifted to a new house house where the kitchen worktop is high.

A platform is required for easy access for my wife.

I wanted to make a dual purpose furniture.

I ended up with this

Step 1: Material

I found these doors - possibly that of a larder

Step 2:

Dismantled the doors.

sanded them

Step 3:

cut them to size

36" long - 4

24" long - 3 for steps

6" for the top rung

24" strips - 3 to support the top

24"X36" MDF- laminated

3/8 - 3" bolts - 2

4 pairs of ply wood door wheels

Step 4:

I used a plunge router for dovetail joints

Step 5:

This is the step ladder

When open it is about 33" high

Enough to reach the top shelf, paint the ceiling etc.

And when closed. . . . . .

Step 6:

It is about 6" high

Enough to access the kitchen worktop easily

The wheels allow easy movement around the kitchen

Initial photo - needs sanding finishing

I was thinking of simple tung oil finish

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    not a very explicit instructable

    This my-first - I deserve some excuses

    Thanks everybody