Stereo Box With Head Phone Jack





Introduction: Stereo Box With Head Phone Jack

About: im a maker

i made this for my ipod but its good for anything.

Step 1: What You Need

1 or more speakers
1 wood box
1 head phone spliter

around the shop...
soldering iron
saw that can cut shapes

Step 2: Gut the Speakers

find some speakers you like with a head phone jack on it and take everything you want out of them.

Step 3: Cuts

cut holes where you want the speakers to be and cut one on the back to run the wires to your ipod

Step 4: Solder

if the speakers you buy are like mine you had to unsolder them to get them out of the box so i recamend you put the speaker in first then solder them like my pic shows (sorry m camra sucks at close ups) the wight means negative or mark it with a marker so you dont forget

Step 5: Two Makes One

use the head phone spliter to conect the two speakers to one head phone jack



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    13 Discussions

    couldn't you just disassemble old computer speakers that don't need a power source and put them in a container? and use the jack that goes into the computer and plug that into your ipod or music device?


    12 years ago

    if this is your 1st audio expiernce, congrats. even if it isnt, i have some suggestions. 1st. No need for the splitter. Audio Jacks have an Left channel, a right channel, and ground. |_|ground |_|right \_/left 2. it would look better if you had mounted the speakers on the outside, or at least have a more precise cut, try using a coping saw. 3. if you started with speakers with a built in amp, you could convert it to a wall wart, or battery powered. Can you say PORTABLE SYSTEM? I can 4. Having extra outputs was a great idea! More speakers the better! Good luck!

    4 replies

    dude thats informative but just a touch to harsh...its a really cool idea i think!

    "More speakers the better!"

    That is rarely the case. More speakers = louder, not better sound quality.

    I agree. Usually more speakers = worse because all of the speakers will have slightly different reaction times unless they were paired together like the ones in speakers that you can buy.

    this is my first sterio but i will tell you what i think about your suggestions 1. that is good but i whanted to make it a solder less project sence it had a headphone jack on it. 2. they cant mount on the outside with out screws showing and glue wouldent hold as well. 3. my speakers i mounted in the box didn't have a amp the one in the pic above the box is the one with the amp. 4.thanks i took a lightle work to find one like that thanks for the comment! i love to know people look at my stuff and remember to check my stuff im working on a hover craft out of a fan its turning out to be a lightle under powered so it not ever show up


    11 years ago

    I don't have an ipod, but I think I could hook it up to the back of my "Boom Box" stereo. It's all spare auto stereo parts and powered by a car battery charger.

    1 reply

    11 years ago

    Where did you find that fabulous box?!

    This looks really good. I've been wanting to do something like this for a while but never really knew how to go about in doing it then i found this website. The only thing i was wondering about was wether it sounded quite tinny how easy do you think it would be to add a bass speaker in to the circuit?

    1 reply

    its loud and a bass speaker wold be easy the one i had has a 3rd head phone jack so you just plug it in. corect me if im wrong bu you dont "need" any thing special. the only thing you need to worry abought is that its not a left of right conection than your left or right will be realy deep. i dont know a lot abought bass speakers but if you have one alredy and every thing elce to make this you should have every thing you need P.S. if you got any problems just ask

    ya i was suprised too but there realy loud but if the speaker you use has amp bilt in it will work too you just put it in the box too but what i whin i want it to rock the house use is a speaker with batteries and a head phone out jack i don't know if you can tell by the pic but i run the ipod to the speaker (that i didn't take apart) first than to the spliter then to the speakers or bild a amp just for this but im not rich so i just use this


    12 years ago

    What do you do for power? Can the iPod drive the speakers without an amp?