Stick Crossbow

dont have money to buy wood or other materials for a crossbow? for this all you need is a few bucks some time and a tree.
this crossbow worked great it launched an arrow about 40-50 feet. and that was just a quick made arrow. it has a lot of power.

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Step 1: Materials

sticks, nails,hammer, rubber bands, string/yarn
drill (optional)
file (optional

Step 2: "skin" Your Branches

Step 3: Putting the Shaft and Crossbar Together

Step 4: Making the Spot for the Trigger

Step 5: Making and Installing the Trigger

Step 6: Put It All Together

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    good instructible, but this is not a cross-bow, cross-bows propel the bolt with the pent up energy in the bow and not the string, this would be a sling-shot, of sorts.