Stick Insect- Make at Home





Introduction: Stick Insect- Make at Home

make a stick insect ( mantis) for your garden or backyard

Step 1: Collect

find and collect some sticks of various sizes.
i used some sticks out of an old mop.

Step 2: Cut the Sticks

cut the sticks as shown in the picture.

the longest one for body

six medium and six small and six very small for legs.
small ones for upper leg
medium ones for lower leg
very small ones for feet

two very thin and flexible for antennas

i used a thick but small length stick piece for head.

Step 3: Glu the Sticks

now glue the sticks forming a basic posture of the mantis.

use quick adhesive that fixes in seconds, so that you dont have to hold up every stick to get fixed.

Step 4: Color the Insect

now you just have to color it so that it looks somewhat realistic

first I colored the whole insect with white enamel paint to give it a rough texture and fill the joints.

then i mixed two acrylic colors mustard yellow and black in a ratio of 100 : 1. and added a little water to lower the thickness. and painted over the dried white insect.

lastly i gave it a little detail with black.

when the color was still wet i sprinkled a little bit of dry soil to make it dirty.



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