Stick Man- Guitarist




Introduction: Stick Man- Guitarist

this is an easy DIY, and can be made with a very few resources.

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Step 1: To Make It You Need:

some broom sticks or bamboo sticks,

super glue or quick fix adhesive,

small jigsaw cutter,

acrylic colors,


Step 2: Cut and Fix

it will be easy if you draw a sketch of what you want to make and how will it finally look. and you will also get the idea of the size of your craft, the one i made is 12 inch tall.

then cut the skicks matching to the size of your drawing.

then glue some parts of the character you are making.

in this project i made a torso and a head and glued them. then i made legs, arms, guitar etc (as shown in the picture above).

then i made some parts of the stick- man using cardboard. here i made hair, hands, circle for guitar, a scarf and an undie.

Step 3: Color It

now color as you like.

i also made a special chair for it using bamboo stick and cardboard cut in circles.

[Note ::: i made this craft using sticks of an old scrap broom, thats why the sticks are not of same shape. i wanted to reuse rather than buying bamboo sticks. although you can buy them if you dont have an old broom.]

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