Sticktape Bracelet

Introduction: Sticktape Bracelet

This is a very easy, but cute bracelet to make. This bracelet takes me 5-10 minutes to make ( it all depends on how detailed you make it).This only includes 4 materials, creativity, and a little bit of patience.

Step 1: Materials

The picture above shows what you need. If the picture is hard to see, here are the materials.
Ducktape (any color or design)
Clear tape.

Step 2: Lets Tape It

You want this bracelet to be long enough to FIT it AROUND your hand and get it on your wrist.
After it fits around your hand cut the tape off the roll and make another strip the same size.
Now put both stips together... sticky side to sticky side.
Finally... cover ONE side of the ducktape in clear tape and TRIM the extra clear tape on the sides of the ducktape.

Step 3: Extension

If you find it is too short extend it.
Take the ducktape and add extra tape on the top. Make sure this tape is to where you can feel no sticky side ( so tape on both sides).
Clear tape the side that already had clear tape ( just where you extended this though).
Now trim down the tape you make it even with the other parts of the bracelet.

Step 4: Stickers

Apply the sticker to the end of the tape to the other end. While your doing that you will want to put clear tape over the stickers.
Continue this process till you reach to the other end of the tape.

Step 5: Cut

Cut a half bubble on the top above the sticker.
Cut a strait line under the stickers.

Step 6: Connect

Make a triangle out of ducktape.
Turn the small triangle into a square. Use the tape and leave a little tape on the side and put the tape sticking off. Sorry if I confused you. If you didn't understand that please look at the second picture.
Now connect the two ends
and on the other side add a small peice of tape to hold it together.

Step 7: TADA

there is your new bracelet.

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    6 years ago

    Hello! This is a great idea, but I came to tell you that my feather pattern does work on a knockoff loom as long as it has all of the same functions of a normal rainbow loom.


    6 years ago

    Where is a good place to buy stickers that small? Also are the stickers good priced?


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    So far the only place I can think of is wal-mart furby1316


    6 years ago

    furby1316 I will get back to you on that