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Introduction: Stop Scraping Frosted Car Windows!

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Frost covered car windows has got to be one of the worst ways to start a day followed closely by a snow covered car. I've broken most of the bones in my hands at one time or another so the cold is really debilitating. I started many years ago using a blanket to cover the windows of my vehicle the night before, some neighbors teased me about tucking my car in at night but the next morning while they were busy scraping I just pulled off the blanket and was done.  You can use a sheet, a large towel, a blanket or in this case a large painters dropcloth I found on craigslist  for $10us, In the past I've used weights and magnets to hold the cover on but a couple of 2x4's work just as well and are super easy to remove. This will also work for snow to some degree but trying to pull 1 foot or more of snow off the car may be difficult.

 the preview pic? just something I found on the web... it looks brutally cold doesn't it !

Step 1: What You'll Need

to do this there are some things your going to have to have, the 1st being a vehicle of some kind, I know Moby is ugly but she runs, is paid for and both the ac and heat work (needed in florida)
 A large piece of material, beach towel, sheet, blanket etc Im using a large painters drop I got on craigslist, to cover the windshield or more
weights or magnets to hold the cover on, 2x4's work for me

Step 2: Cover It

pretty self explanatory but then so is the whole "ible'   Throw the tarp or whatever over your windshield or in this case the cabin of the car and then place your weights, in the morning, reverse the process, you may want to fold your material or hang it if it has frost on it so it drys and can be reused

Step 3: I Do NOT Miss Snow !

another web find... brrrrrrr



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    I live in Colorado and we get lots of snow and especially ice where I live. I have a pretty nice cover for my F150 windshield, BUT most mornings when I pull the cover off the windshield there is a sheet of ice that formed between the cover and the windshield. That ice is very difficult to scrape off but all of it has to come off before I can drive off. Does anyone here know of any ways to keep that sheet of ice from forming?

    Use some plastic sheets from construction sites, if they let you take the garbage plastic.

    At construction job sites where they have just poured concrete foundation. They use a plastic blanket to cover the fresh pour when it is supposed to get freezing temperatures at night. When the concrete is cured enough, the plastic is thrown to the garbage and the workers tear off the wood panel forms off the concrete. Some times I take a couple strips of the garbage plastic for different uses.

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    If you have some magnets then fold the plastic back a little to make a pouch for the magnets and staple the plastic shut or use a heat gun to melt the plastic together. Or use 2x4s haha plenty of supplies from working in construction.

    I REALLY REALLY hate scraping windows! Sadly, my neighborhood isn't one where any covering would still be there in the morning. Sigh. Your solution is better for the environment than de-icer in a can. ... although, vermouth poured over a windshield does a pretty good job, too.

    We get pre made car "half" covers like the one pictured here in Europe. Picture from here: You can get both "tailor made" or "one size fits most" versions.

    I couldn't see any half sized on auto-zone -are they available in the US too?

    People here in Norway often put old floor-mats on their windshield in winter to "catch the ice". A common mistake is to put the ends inside the car and slam the door to keep the rug in place -if the ice melts, capillary action will make the ice melt and drip all over the interior :^(

    A guy close to where I live actually lost his license because he had only scraped off a small slit of ice from his windshield before driving -he almost ran over the police officer signaling for him to stop! Here's the video (if that's available outside Norway):

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    I haven't seen anything like that here in the states, doesn't mean they aren't available though. Luckily I didn't say it was an original idea lol, thank you for the comment and the links

    They do sell a fairly good assortment of car covers here in the US, but most are for sports cars or classics (think Pierce-Arrows, Packards, Duseys, etc. stylings), and many are for autumn or early spring use (frost deterrents). However, I have seen heavy-duty covers for wintering cars...but never outside my area (central NY, known for heavy lake effect snow). I'd imagine, though, that any website that sells car bonnets (the ones that strap over the grille and keep bugs out of the hood) should have the full-body covers available.

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    Nice video, by the way. I believe jail time or very stiff fines are SOP for pulling a stunt like that here. NY finally enacted a "move-over" law to prevent collisions with police, and the fines are rising exponentially. I think now our windshields must be completely clear of snow and ice, or tickets ensue - probably the only thing you can get away with is road grime coating the window if you've legitimately run out of washer fluid (which happened to me two days ago, and the cop was quite understanding about least I could see well enough not to hit anything or anyone...).

    Would like a Lada Niva! I can't believe they discontinued of of their best cars so early!