Stop Your Cutting Board From Sliding Around

Introduction: Stop Your Cutting Board From Sliding Around

so we have an assortment of sweet cutting boards ranging from wood to teflon-something.  BUT the worst thing about all of them is that they dont come with any kind of rubber feet to stop it from drifting while im choppin' up my Pico De Gallo on my linoleum counter top.  i like to use a knife to chop my goods instead of one of those slammer chopper crappers.   the best solution i came up with that was instant and dually useful was the wet paper towel method

Step 1: Sooo Easy, What You Need

now, i dont have any scrap rubber or anything around and Ive used a cloth towel before, but the towel adds an uneven hight and wobbly-ness to your board.  so all you need to do is get some paper towel, any size you want.  it could be bigger, smaller, or just the right size, it doesn't really matter.  I suggest equal or larger, that way you have plenty of surface for the board to rest on.


your cutting board
your counter
some water (not a lot, you wring out most of it anyways)
enough paper towel to suffice

Step 2: Get Wet and Lay It All Down

- take the paper towel that you have properly measured out and wad it up.

- add enough water to it so that all of the towel gets wet.

- squeeze out almost all of the water, leaving the towel damp

- unwad the towel and lay it out on the designated counter space

- place the cutting board on top of the towel

BAM, no more wandering board!  Chop and enjoy!

when your done and its time to clean up, you already have a somewhat wet towel to mop up your mess with!!!!!!   SWEET!!

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