Storage Stool

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this is a stool with a storage compartment that is exposed after lifting the seat (  haha )

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Step 1: Materials (not Shown)

1/2 inch plywood
6 1/4 PVC pipe
4 1/2 PVC pipe
2x2 in. wood
1 1/2 in. wood screws
padding (upholstery foam or other comfortable padding)
rotary tool with cut off discs
jig saw
staple gun

Step 2: Cut PVC Pipe to Desired Height

cut your pipe to the desired height
the inner pipe must be slightly shorter than the outer pipe
my measurement for the outer pipe is 16 inches
but feel free to change that.
i went with this measurement to go with my tension table

Step 3: Cut Storage Compartment Access Window

for this i didnt take any measurements at all
i just started hacking away until it looked good

Step 4: Attaching Stool Top and Storage Bottom

first cut the 2x2 wood to fit tightly inside the inner pipe.
next make the wood flush with the top of the PVC then drill put the wood screws into the sides of the wood.
next attach the stool top by screwing into the wood from the top.

to attach the storage bottom cut a circle out of the plywood that will fit into the inner pipe.
then do the same thing as in the beginning of this step but make it look like in the picture.

Step 5: Adding Padding

the pictures are in order with the instructions
if you have foam then skip until i say so
first staple the end of the padding to the side of the stool top
 next fold the padding over until desired thickness is met.
next staple the covering material to the bottom of the stool top
then wrap it to the other side then staple again.
do the same with the other sides.

Step 6: Enjoy!

enjoy your new storage stool

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    6 Discussions


    5 years ago

    I need a photo of finished product. Not totally clear


    9 years ago on Introduction

    nice idea for small space but I think I would get annoyed with picking it up by the seat to move it and leaving half of it behind by mistake...

    2 replies

    Drill a hole clear through both and toss a clevis pin (or something like that) through.

    Then when you pick it up the whole thing will go with, unless you pull the pin to get at the storage.