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Anyone who has tinkered around under the hood of their vehicle knows that the plastic sparkplug wire separators break and get lost. here's a quick and inexpensive way to keep your wires under control and off of heat sources

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Step 1: What You'll Need

a pretty short list of supplies for this project, you'll need zipties, a razorblade or sharp knife, a vehicle that needs sprucing up under the hood. I have an older ford V6, your vehicle may require more or less zipties depending on its engine

Step 2: What You Do

Make sure your wires are running as directly as possible to the sparkplugs, some of mine were run over and under hoses and other obstacles. Use one zip tie to corral the wires (don't pull it tight yet) now between each wire run another ziptie (don't tighten them until your finished adding all the zippies to this section, then working a little bit at a time tighten all the zippies into place and cut off the excess.. some wire sets will require more than one "loom" depending on your particular project you can start out with all 4 wire then when they need to divide make up 2 double wire sets... that's it ! Step back and enjoy your work

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    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    your right, especially if you're running a hi performance system in which case you may want to put 2 full size zippies between each wire, but in that kind of case you most likely have a nice dress up kit with proper wire seperators