Stuffed Sheep


Introduction: Stuffed Sheep

This Christmas present almost drove me crazy! I got the pattern from a book which I shall not mention that I will never, ever, use again because 3 patterns I tried to use from it have mistakes. Hence, the sheep borders on being hunchback and has what looks like a broken leg but, I think, is still adorable and was appreciated by the 6 year old who got it. I used Patons Classic Wool for the black feet, face and ears and Filati Cervina Sorrento for the body, honestly, because this was what I had for black and white yarns in my stash! It was a nice way for me to learn and use the loop stitch.



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    He is adorable and fuzzy! Thankfully 6 year olds don't notice some of those details. ;)

    This looks like the kind of looped stitch an aunt of mine used for a baby jacket years ago. Unfortunately she didn't do it correctly as when she had finished, the entire jacket unwound into a huge jacket made of holes! I love the sheep though!