Sturdy Lego Xbox One Kinect TV Stand

Introduction: Sturdy Lego Xbox One Kinect TV Stand

So you want a stand immediately, here's how.

Inspired by the light weight mk1 stands I created this sleek behemoth to hold up the clunky and heavy mkii kinect.

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Step 1: Bits I Used.

the shiny blocks are asthetic only and can be swapped with straight if unavailable

the 4x1 and 2x1 were used as a 6x1.

and I'm not sure what I used the 2 3x2 for initially

Step 2: Step 1. Base for Kinect.

Step 3: Front Lip

Step 4: Attaching Arms

adjust to beat fitment, be aware this can effect the force on stand however.

Step 5: Rear Support, Front Support and TV Rest.

in picture one I added the 2 3x2 blocks for added grip as the two long arms/legs can detach if pulled.

Step 6: Complete!

adjust the gap for your TV and holes connected for your perfect fit.

got a slightly diff design on 2nd attempt, but hey, practice makes perfect.

hope this was useful!

you could probably make it a bit smaller, go for it!

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    4 years ago

    Black pieces are great for finished product, but not photogenic at all. I cannot see how the parts are assembled.