Styrofoam Wheatly

About: hello im am gordonfreemanisalive 23. i am a huge fan of half life , legos , portal, and cod black ops 2 zombies.

Hi it's me again with another, portal project.

this time i am going to make the little moron ( wheatly)

wheatly says: i am not a moron.

Step 1: Materials

you will need:

any size styrofoam ball


blue, or yellow paint, depending

a file folder with the throngs

white paint

a brush

a flashlight

and a gerber ( a tool you will need.)

Step 2: Starting on It

i first puled up some reference pcture to see what the cores look like

then i started painting the ball white

while that was drying , i got the flash light and painted the light blue for wheatlys eye.

after that, i the file folders and took out the prongs and uesd the gerber to bend them to the right size

after  all that you are ready for assembily

Step 3: Assembily, Finishing Touches.

now, get the dry painted styrofoam ball and use the brush to poke through it.

now put in the flash light

now draw the designs with the sharipe,

And finaly, put in the prongs and youre are done.

now, when you need bright light from not the brightest just get wheatly

join me next time .good bye



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    ground up

    4 years ago

    So why don't you have any pictures that match what you're describing . I think it's a good idea it just needs some pictures. But nice job anyway:)