Sugru Aplication for Cutting at Right Angles Using a Knife




In this instructable I am showing how to use Sugru to make a knife capable of cutting thick materials at right angle.

Step 1:

find two plates that are cut at right angles and stick them together using adhesive tape.

Step 2:

Put the knife blade between the two plates. Find some appropriate object and put it below the opposite end of the knife in order to keep it inclined.

Step 3:

Put the ruler you are going to use for guiding the knife next to the blade. Then add two pieces of paper on both sides of the blade in order to prevent the Sugru addition to stick on the ruler and the plate. Add Sugru and shape it in a way that is appropriate for the purpose. Wait until the Sugru dries. Remove the paper if possible or cut it along the edge of the Sugru



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    4 years ago on Introduction

    I'm not aware of any better solutions for right angle cutting than this ible. No new tools or fancy shop required. This is what I call 'elegant'. I'm surprised it wasn't featured.