Sunrise Alarm



Introduction: Sunrise Alarm

Alarm is annoying in the morning. You feel sleepy, even though you get up. However, we find that to be exposed to light is a natural way to wake up. Imagine how comfortable it is if you wake up naturally with the first bunch of sunlight on your face. Here comes the idea that we can control the light in the bedroom to imitate the brightness of sunlight. After setting the alarm time, the light will gradually light up one hour before the alarm time, waking up you mildly. In addition, we combine the function to use gesture to switch off the light and alarm, which is a more efficient and convenient way.

This project is made by Prudence, Nan, Jennifer and Mei.

You can watch the full process of how it works from the video below.

Step 1: Download Processing and Arduino

Go to to download the latest version of processing and go to to download the latest version of Arduino.

They are the soul of the product. We need Arduino to control the led brightness and processing to have an operable interface.

Step 2: Create a New Processing File and a Arduino File

Create a new file in Processing.

Copy the codes from myClock_v5.pde and paste them.

Step 3: Download Arduino File

Download light_controller.ino and upload it to Arduino board.

And make the circuit according to the codes.You can go to to take a reference.

Also, you can put any color of led on the board as you like.

We use Arduino Uno, resistor and led lights.

Here, I use blue and white led lights.

Step 4: Print 3D Model

Download the 3D model and print it!

It will make the light more beautiful and practical.

Also, it can hide the white board with led lights in it.

And you can see it looks beautiful when the lights are on.

Step 5: Link Leapmotion to Your Computer

You need to use gesture to turn off the light alarm so you need leap motion.

Step 6: Done


You have made a prototype of sunrise alarm

Enjoy the convenience and comfort it brings to you.:)

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