Sunshine Cup Cake Toppers

Introduction: Sunshine Cup Cake Toppers

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sunshine cup cake toppers in a beautiful triangle box as gift.

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Step 1: HOW - TO

Project supplies

Cardstocks different shades

tooth pics, craft knife,glue,cutting mat,foam adhesives,marker pen,

1. First draw the rays of sun and circles on yellow shades cardstock paper .

2.Cut those shapes with craft knife.

3.Stick the tooth pics with glue at the bottom of the rays as shown in the picture.

4. Make sure stick with matching card stock for proper handling.

5.Draw the mouth and eyes for the sun and stick on to the sun rays with foam adhesive to give 3D look

6Finally they are ready to pack ,make as many as you can for gift giving.


make the triangle favor box with the 12/12 card stock paper with the above pattern.Finally the sun shine cupcake toppers are ready for gift giving.

A home made gift can be any thing why not sunshine cup cake toppers.

These sunshine cupcake toppers are great for birthday,anniversary ,summer parties ,possibilities are endless.

Thanks for watching

Step 3:

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