Super Cheap and Easy Laser Box

Introduction: Super Cheap and Easy Laser Box

This is a simple box that allows safe use of high power lasers with NO expensive goggles. The concept is very simple as it uses a phone camera in order to veiw what you are doing. Also as a plus you can use any laser wavelenth in action,and with no expensive goggles or danger! 
All you need is a camera phone, shoebox, hot glue, a small lightbulb with wires, and a battery. The only problem is that it was already built when I decided to publish it.
First you cut out a piece of carboard a little bigger than your phone. Then cut a hole in it for your camera.
Second, you put a small cardboard holder on it to keep it up and even. Your phone should fit exactly in it, and should be upsidedown in order to give the best angle.
Third get the cardboard box and cut two holes at the corners for your hands.
Fourth cut a hole in the top and make a chimney with a 45 degree angle, so that you can see the maximum area.
Fifth glue all of these parts together as in the picture.
Finally put the lightbulb through the top and attach it to the battery when in use.
Congrats you have finished! If you are having problems just look at the pictures and they should explain it all.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    This is brilliant!Rated 5*!Well done!!!!!!!!!
    Have a look at my recently updated ibles!