Super Easy 9 Volt Battery Clip

Introduction: Super Easy 9 Volt Battery Clip

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Hi everyone and thank you for viewing my Instructable , 

OK so  how many times has this happen to you ,
your working on a project and you need a 9 volt battery clip ,
you go to your drawer to find one and but only to find out that you used them up ,
sure you could order more but it takes a few days by mail ,
and if your like me you don't have a store in town that sell these things what  do you do  hmm,

well don't worry I'm going to show you how to make your own 9 volt battery connector  that takes less the a couple of minutes to make

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Step 1: What You Need

ok here's a couple of things you need ,

parts .

two metal paper clips , 
wire ,
electrical tape ,

Tools , 
a voltmeter or battery tester , or you could use an led ,
a wire stripper  or scissors ,

On to the next step

Step 2: Making the Clips

ok  lets get started ,
note you can follow the pictures above to make it easier ,

ok now take your paper clips and bend it on to the battery post one on the positive and the other on the negative ,  
next take two wires one for each paper clip and connect them to the ends of your paper clip , 
next take a piece of your electrical tape and make a bridge in between the paper clips to hold them from touching each other , 
now to be sure it works you can use your voltmeter or led on open ends of your connector to test it ,

That's it you now have your own homemade battery clip , 

Thank you for viewing 

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