Super Easy Kitchen Roll




kitchen roll comes a lot more easier to use, also it helps save the space^O^. hope you can try it out!

Step 1: What You Need

kitchen roll, a string, a core from a used up glad wrap

Step 2:

place the string into the core

Step 3:

place the roll into the core

Step 4: Secure the String

Step 5: Secure String Inside the Drawl

Step 6: Now It’s Done!



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    5 years ago

    Very good idea its useful and handy to make


    5 years ago on Introduction

    nice reuse of otherwise thrashable items (although those cardboard tubes do come in handy for a lot of things). I imagine it would not be too difficult to make a foot for it (out of wood perhaps) if one prefers the standing type (extra bonus being able to put it on the table when you need it there).

    A minor nitpick: It would be nice if you turned the images the right way around before putting them up - almost all digital camera(-phone)s can do this. (I say almost because I am sure if i said "all" someone would would find that one model that don't :-))