Super-easy Kodak Technichian Nameplate!!!

Introduction: Super-easy Kodak Technichian Nameplate!!!

this hi-tech sophisticated name impleplate will proudly display the name of the household genious-you. yet, it a simple, 2-step process that requires no soldering or shocking!!!

Step 1: Items

aluminum (tin) foil
1 kodak disposable camera
1 marker

Step 2: Making the Plate Pt 1

remove the outer case by pulling on the side tabs (below). the inner camera is also displayed in this step for your convinience .

Step 3: Turn It Longways and "foil" Its Plans

do it. put foil on the bottom(below) and write your name on the foil. hang it as shown.

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    That's fantastic. I really must put some foil on something and then write my name on it.... all the kids are doing it. It's just crayzeee...