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Introduction: Super Easy Super Fast Survival Stowaway Saw

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ever in need of a good cheap saw that is reliable and light? wether it is for camping or general use the super stowaway saw is the answer ever since my money bags brother found a old chain saw blade on the side of the road visions of a super saw danced in my head and so with $3.00 in hand the biggest rip-off in my family's history began 

what is in this instructable:

1: how to make the super saw 
2: how to use the super saw 

Step 1: Materials

what you will need

1. a old chainsaw blade 
2: paracord aka 550 cord aka para line
3: pliers or a hacksaw (to cut the chain)

Step 2: Putting It Together

ok the steps are pretty simple here they are

1. break the chain in half
2. and tie paracord to the ends 
3. you're good to go!!!

Step 3: Using the Super Saw

using the super saw is very easy here is how 

1. find the side of the saw with the teeth
2. place teeth side in toward the object you intend to cut
3. pull back and forth to cut



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    5 Discussions

    amazingly not long at all i cut through a 6 inch diameter log in about 5-10 minutes
    i really recommend it as any survival kit add-on

    1 reply

    what , no sundial ?? theres a big diff tween 5 min and 10 min--to tell the truth 5min sounds looong--was that ur 1st time do you cut faster now ????tnx

    Cool! Wonder how long it would take to cut through a log with that!