Super Easy to Make Darts

hi this is my first instructable so please leave your comments and don't be too harsh.

you will need

a tack
glue ( i used hot glue )
( sorry that the photos are blurry but i couldn't get it to focus well)

Step 1:

first, cut a rectangle from the cardboard.

Step 2:

next, take the glue and put it on the front and side.

Step 3:

now take the tack and stick it on the side of the front.

roll into a tube

Step 4:

finally glue the feathers onto the sides like an arrow ( so, they all are the same amount apart )

Step 5:

there you go a nice pointy dart.

note: please be careful as these are sharp and would probably hurt. don't throw at people, animals, or the random UFO thank you!
i am not responsible for any injury or shock from pure awesomeness.



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