Super Fast K'nex Car




Introduction: Super Fast K'nex Car

i used my moter and gears to multiply the speed. unfortunetly i ran out of gears so i could not make it any faster. the design is simple. moter on a rod with big gear. that big bear interlocks with a small gear. on the small gears rod there is a big gear. the big gear interlocks with a small gear. the small gears rod has a big gear on it. that big gear interlocks with..... ect. ect. ect. 2 cogs were atached to each other with a chain. thus, it is four wheel drive. hope you enjoy!!!!



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    is the motor's gears can tolerate this difficulty speed. was forced my engine makes a strange noise.

    Lolz your geared up car has like 3 gears! Including a big bear! Lolz! JK I have.. Lemme count like 27 gears but im not counting the other 30 small gears.

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    Try changing the 2 gray rods used as axles into red or yellow rods.

    Nice, I wasn't sure if a k'nex vehicle could be geared to be that fast while still having enough torque to move. Please make a video with it.