Super Simple Ignition Coil Drivers





Introduction: Super Simple Ignition Coil Drivers

Step 1: Lets Start With the Bacics

OK, an ignition coil (or spark coil) is a type of induction coil similar to a Tesla coil . it's used in combustion engines. and produces up to 50,000 volts (a 2-4CM spark) at a lethal current of 25ma.

to power it, you need a square wave. you cant use standard AC because the coil WILL EXPLODE!

Step 2: How My Schematic Works.

This is how my schematic works: heres is a schematic that shows what the capacitor does. This the first schematic. It is a good driver for making big, hot sparks (not to be confused with arcs).

Step 3: My Schematic (cheap and Easy)

this is my schematic its easy, but it, with my power source, only makes about 20 KV (1 inch ark) at a low fixed freq. it's also noisy but still very cool. this makes VERY small streamers due to its frequency. and makes cool plasma globes out of light bulbs.



harmless shock___||__________________electrocution

Step 4: A Super Simple Driver

this ridiculously simple driver with no doubt simple,and exceptionally cheap and can easily produce 40KV! there are a few disadvantages with it, its mains powered, making it dangerous, and the frequency is not adjustable.



harmless shock_________________||____electrocution

(due to my laziness and super slow Internet, instead of pictures, here's another instructable showing how to build it. it will have the pictures and schematic in it)

Step 5: 555 Timer Driver

Another popular coil driver is the popular is this 555 timer driver.

it oscillates a transistor that drives the coil. its a little more costly and complicated but its overall relatively simple.

you can tune the output by the POTs. I haven't made the driver yet



harmless shock____||_________________electrocution

Step 6: Another 555 Timer Driver

Here is another 555 timer driver. There are a few more components added and changed.
to me this is the most complicated circuitry I found.



harmless shock_______||______________electrocution

Step 7: SCR Driver

now, the SCR driver.

this just makes static like sparks and works by charging a high voltage capacitor and then discharging it through the ignition coil.



harmless shock__________________||___electrocution



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I made mine with IRF640 Mosfet and recycled materials, except for the variable resistor knob with switch, the 555 and the iRF640. Here are some pics of the signal waveform to the gate of the mosfet and the drain of the mosfet. For the Drain of the mosfet i was using a 10x probe, so each 5V division on the grid is 50V, so the inductor kicks a very high voltage on the D terminal. I changed my car coil for a small 230VAC/9VAC transformer to make a recreational shock machine and it gives mild to high shocks.


Use a 12v 3A power supply for the MOSFET circuit and 0.047 mF capacitor for the 555 Frequency. Good sparks from a 20 years old car coil.


I found this works the best. The capacitor for the 555 I found my design works best on 0.047 mF, 0.1 is too slow and makes the MOSFET heat up a lot, 0.022 consumes less current but the sparks are weak.

Spamming the comments section (esp. the same day) isn't going to result in me replying faster. This old 'able is nothing more than a compilation of methods for driving ignition coils, I have not tested most of the methods myself, either. I have built the relay circuit driver, which was my motivation to create this compilation, as I thought it was a pretty novel and simple yet powerful circuit at the time.

One I picked at random from radioshack. Any high power relay will work until it melts and its contacts get completely destroyed.

ive spent nearly 2 months on this

please help me out

also the competition is next month

the viedo is in the link

and they have a spark gap of around 3-4 inches between both the coils output

they also connect another ignition coil inverted to the input of the 1st coil

and they connect a dimmer ,ignition coil, ac capicitors in series

they say me to work at 220v at AC with 20 amp

my father has got me a 12v ignition coil

and i also need the min voltage and amp for best performance

my father says the same connection in the cars

im really confused with the connection


Did u ever try plasma ignition?