Super Survival Spoon (from Food Can)

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When the apocalypse comes you probably don`t want to fill your bag pack with useless junk ,

But you will probably bring some food and a knife .If you bring your foot in can`s you can easily make a spoon out of the can . this way you can consume the foot in a simple way .You can make about 5-6 spoons from 1 can , So if it is a can of soup you can eat the soup with the can.

Step 1: Cut Out the Shape

i used a sharpie to mark the outlines this way it is simpler to see on the camera. You don`t have to do this .

I used my survival knife to cut the shape out

Step 2: Flat the Metal Out ( Optional )

i used a hammer to flatten out the metal and sand of the marks from the sharpie

Step 3: Fold Over the Handle

Just fold the handle as shown on the picture this will add a lot of strength too the spoon , it will make the spoon head curve to . as i sad you can make about 6 spoons from 1 can .



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