Superglue Goof Relief

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I'm at that age were my eyes need assistance for some things, our local Dollar Store has reading glasses for a DOLLAR ! I have glasses all over, in the truck, the kitchen, the shop. Hey they're a BUCK ! The only real problem I have with them  (other than misplacing them) is the screws tend to loosen. Superglue to the rescue ! A litle dab applied with a toothpick to each nut prevents them coming apart but if your not careful or can't really see what your doing a drop of glue can get on the lense and if you try to wipe it off you end up with a smear.. Hey they only cost a buck, no biggie right !

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Step 1: What Happened

Today I was using a tube of superglue fix all on a pair of plastic lensed reading glasses when I inadvertantly got some on the lens and there was a bottle of rubbing alcohol near by, I thought "why not" dipped my finger in the alcohol and rubbed the spot of glue.. it disolved ! Buffed the lens with my t-shirt and it was good as new... hhmmmm, I looked in my box of spare parts and found a pair that had been messed up with regular superglue and saved for parts, it was a little more work, maybe because it had sat for so long. I used a bandanna as a mild abrasive and the alcohol, after a couple of minutes of buffing, I had a nice clear lens ! Of course I can't say how it will work on other materials but it definately worked on the plastic !

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    rather than superglue how about poor man's Loctite (tm) :) aka -> nail polish

    wife's old bottles last forever or if the sexy colours don't do it for you spring for a bottle of clear

    Please NOTE!!! - DO NOT use this in HOT ( i.e. engine) applications - STRICTLY a cold/warm environment solution

    1 reply

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    that would be a good alternative except for 2 things, my wife doesn't use nail polish and I can't stand the stench of it. Thank you for stopping by and leaving an alternative


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I appreciate the comment. I hope it does come in handy. I know that acetone (nailpolish remover) is often used for disvolving superglue but it also tends to melt some plastics. I thought the alcohol was worth a try and it ended up saving me 2 dollars ! !