Survival Medicine Storage





Introduction: Survival Medicine Storage

About: I am 12 years old and i live in houston texas i go to salyards middle school.

this is a simple survival tool to store meds. great for a survival kit.
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Step 1: Supplies

you need tape and the top of a soda bottle.

Step 2: Tape

make the tape in a cross as it shows

Step 3:

put the tape on the bottom and add you pills...
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    sorry d3ath101 i will try and post another instructable with some of your tips...please vote though. thanks for the info...

    Keep putting instrucs out though. Not to bad.

    Maybe if you put a modded one out. Something that does not use the tape. For survival this one would not be great. Maybe cut the bottle like you said, but then glue another piece over the bottom and make it water and air tight to protect the neds.

    So to store meds, use tape? Are you crazy? And in a survival situation how is it waterproof. Sorry. But. NO.

    yes you cut of the top of a soda bottle and tape the bottom

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    Wouldn't the pills stick to the tape that way? Also, would the glue from the tape cause any health concerns?

    Perhaps, taking the cross of tape, and placing a small square of tape on the cross, where the two pieces of tape intersect (sticky side to sticky side) would fix this issue? If we could find some good way to fix the issue of the pills sticking (unless I am missing something and the pills do not stick,) this would be a great idea.

    Another idea that I have seen, is to use a large one of those 7-day pill minders; that will give you a container with small compartments for seven different types of pills.

    Can u give some more detail. I'm really confused