Introduction: Swing

hello , I am Jordi Cassaert and i have to make a swing as an examproject . A part of that project was to make an Instructable , so here we go.

If there are any questions , you can contact me on Jordi.cassaert@hotmail.com

Goodluck !

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Step 1: The Materials

So , before you start with make the swing , check if you have everything .

The materials may be used allready !

-Rope (20 m , diametre 8mm)

-2 carabiners

-2 rings (to create a conection point in the rope)

-4 washers (to conect the rope with the plank)

-1plank (75cm x 20cm x 1,5cm )

-2 eyelets (diametre 20mm)

Step 2: The Tools

The tools you need are simple ones !

- a drilling machine

- a set of drills

- a knife

- a wrench

- a woodsaw

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