Laptop Stand Made From Pvc Pipes




Introduction: Laptop Stand Made From Pvc Pipes

Hi There!

I got this idea from an internet store that sells accessories for laptops.

The materials used is ordinary water PVC pipes. total cost did not exceed $5.00 u.s. here in the Philippines.

You will need 6 pcs. 1/2 PVC elbow, 2 pcs. 1/2 by 2.5 inches PVC pipe, 3 pcs. 1/2 by 7 Inches PVC pipe.

You may adjust the PVC length according to your preferred sizes. I used a pipe cutter to cut the PVC pipes, fortunately I was able
to get the scrap pipe materials from my landlords house construction, saving me some money.

to cover the elbow holes, you may glue a plastic washer over it.

Note: i  did not glue the elbows to the pipes, for portability purpose, you can disassemble the stand so that you may put it in the laptop bag.

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3 years ago

Fantastic idea! Do you have a weight for it? My rough estimate is that it's well under 500 grams.