Takedown Bow




Introduction: Takedown Bow

About: Handmade traditional recurve bows, contact me if interested

It's a takedown recurve bow with 40lbs.

Not too much to say about the steps to make.

The steps of " how to make a bow " has been listed clearly in my another Instructables.

For the Riser, I use Elm hard wood. And for the limb, I use Fiber Glass sheet.

I wrap artifical leather onto the fiber glass sheet to make it looks traditional.

I like this design, and you?

P.S: "Takedown" means that the bow comes apart in 3 pieces,

this feature makes it very portable.

It is very easy to transport as well as store.

The whole package size is just 60*30*10cm.

So small package, isn't it?

I've made 40/45/50lbs takedown bow till now,

I think 45lbs is best for hunting. What's your opinion?



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    What did you use to attach the fiber glass to the wood instead of glue?

    Would you be willing to sale one?

    More power better for hunting

    jk I skimmed after read so far lol