Teaspoon From Tv Antenna

Introduction: Teaspoon From Tv Antenna

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The teaspoon is made out of a piece of aluminum rod that comes from an old discarded TV antenna.
What you need: cross peen hammer, round face hammer, snippers, file, stump, stake (or equivalent)....and, of course an aluminum rod.

Photos by Attilio Mangiatordi (www.immagini-amo.it/)

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Step 1: Beginning

Cut a short piece of the rod.
Start hammering with the peen to lenghten and make thinner the rod, leaving untouched the part that will be the bowl of the spoon.
Go on hammering, every now and then use the flat face of the hammer and revolve the rod to make a uniform and roundish elongation.

Step 2:

Now start enlarging the bowl part of the rod, hammering with the peen in line with the axis of the rod.
Finish enlarging the part with the flat face of the hammer.

Step 3: The Handle

Now you can shape the handle, making it thinner near the bowl and flattening it towards the other extremity.

Step 4: The Bowl

Now use the round face hammer to deepen the bowl on a roundish cavity in a stump.

Step 5: Finishing

Hammer on the stump to give the spon its curves.
Then file the bowl and the handle.
From this point on you can go on using abrasive papers and even a polisher; I stop here, just wanted to show how to shape it. 
For more tutorials have a look at my site www.pennabilli.org

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