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About: I have liked instructables for a while now and find it fun to make gadgets.Plus most of my small things (example technogeek mirror) I make at my school for fun.

if you don`t really want to get rid of your old calculator here is a usable way to keep it.

Step 1:

what you`ll need

sharp scissors

solar calculator (preferably old all you need from it is the circuit board and solar panel)



Step 2:

first you`ll have to remove the battery and battery holder  in order to find the holes in the circuit board

the place the red wire in side of one hole about a third of the way up the wire and twist the excess around the wire do the same with the other wire

when you finish that you`ll need to wrap the wires around each other to get it closer to the circuit board

Step 3:

this step is purely optional

take your decorations and use an adhesive to make them stick to the back of the circuit board

Step 4:

that`s all there is to it so just leave your comments and your creative ways of destroying the calculator the get the parts



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is exactly what I did about 20 years ago, at your age! Good job, fella!