Teddy Bead Charm

Introduction: Teddy Bead Charm

you will need 8 beads two 8mm size andsix 4mm, two bugle beads, two crimp beads and some elastic wire and two eye head pins and a split ring. all three pliers are needed.

Take the two eye head pins and put two 8mm beads on so they are held together and the top looks like ears.
Bend the left over wire out like legs and put a 4mm bead on each leg and add another smaller bead on each leg also for feet, then curl the wire over like another foot,
get a piece of wire elastic and tie on the middle of the bear between head and body them on each arm  add a bugle bead then another bead after and finish with a crimp bead to secure make sure nice and tight before adding crimp bead.
Take split ring and add to one ear, it is now ready for necklace, bracelet or earrings.
size can vary
Hope this is understandable. i have added a picture of two i made recently, if you want any help please get in touch. ;)

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    It would be fantastic if you could break this into steps and document them....they look cute!