Telescopic Tazer

iv just moved house and i had an old t.v. arial lying around that i wanted to "recycle"

i also had some corks from another project im working on, and a few sparkers from electric lighters...

the result is an extendable rod that gives a small shock

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Step 1: Tools and Materials

you will need.....


2x wine corks (i used plastic to save the environent but real would work)
indoor t.v. arial removed from housing/or other extendable metal rod
shocker from electric lighter


hobby knife

*it wont let me do image notes on this pic but its fairly self-explanatory

Step 2: Prepare the Arial and "drill" the Cork

to prepare the arial you just have to cut off the end with a hacsaw or anything you have. not a very clear pic sorry but you just cut off the big chunky part at the bottom to give a hollow tube.

when you have cut off the end, extend the arial, and push it into the first cork halfway up and twist. keep twisting and pushing untill you get it straight through the other side. this will give you a clean hole through the cork.

to remove the core from the arial just collapse it again, but save watever comes out!

Step 3: Main Handle and Button

this is the hardest step to do and its also hard to explain, but basicaly you need to make a hole in the top of the cork big enough to house half the shocker

to do this i used the arial to drill another hole this time only goin through down to the previouse hole, then widened it with the hobby knife.

before pushing the shocker into the hole bend the wire down backwards so its over the battery area, as you push it in (battery first) use a paperclip to grab the wire through the first hole.

*still having problems adding notes -
1st pic - shows top view of cork with shocker inside
2nd pic - shows bent paperclip used to pull wire through
3rd pic - shows shocker with wire bent down towards battery
4th pic - shows finished product looking fairly neat

Step 4: Assemble Tazer Version 1

bend the wire up slightly so that it will make contact with inside of arial. then push arial into the cork (it will only go halfway in because of the shocker.

this was my original design and how i first planned to keep it. however, when i fully extended the ariel i realised it was to har to control with the one cork handle so i added a second one....

Step 5: Version 2.0

as i said, to improve the controll of the tazer i addded a second handle....TOMMY GUN STYLEE (sort of)

to do this cut a small notch in the top of the second cork, make sure part of the arial will fit into it (i put mine at the end of the second section)

then put some superglue into it followed by the arial, and more glue on top to keep it secure.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

remember the cor of the cork you drilled out and kept? now just cut it in half and put it into the open end of the first hole to seal it up... in the pic you can see a small line where the hole has been filled

et voila! finished

just click the button at the top of the main handle and touch someone with the end of the arial to shosk them, remember the longer the arial is extended the weaker the shock will be because of the resistance.

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    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    it doesnt hurt that much at all realy, its like how the sparkers would normally be but maybey a bit weaker when fully extended.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    I bet you picked up some good fonts with the TV 'arial'. It's 'aerial' btw(;p)


    11 years ago on Step 6

    when you shoot close up pictures there should be a little flower simbol, set your camera to that.

    1 reply

    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    cheers, i did for some of them but im using my camera phone and mybey wen i zoomed in i didnt hold it steady enough


    11 years ago on Introduction

    how does using plastic corks save the environment more toxins are released into the air making them that cause a lot more damage to the environment than harvesting natural cork. By the way most plastics come from petroleum( ie. oil, fuel, gas to run a car) a resource that is rapidly depleting and takes millions of years to make whilst cork trees only take 60 to 90 years to be harvest ready. most plastics do allot more harm than good the world is polluted with plastic

    Crane plastic garbage.jpg
    1 reply

    i agree, natural corks are better for the environment and make wine seem more authentic. its probably only a price issue rather than a green one.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    hmmm nice but it inst really a tazer just a little shocker to mess with ur friends


    11 years ago on Introduction

    i have an idea. Get a small hollow metal cylinder that is open at one end, make a paste of gunpowder and water, fill the cylinder with it, seal the cylinder, Pass a high voltage through it, and see what happens. i've never tried that before, but i think you should have an electrically-operated bullet. if it works let me know. my e-mail is: Nb:make sure there is enough gunpowder in the paste. The voltage should heat and immediately cause the gunpowder to ignite (i think). :-)