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This is for if you do not have a double boiler this is how to Mcguyver a double boiler. This instructable can be done with nothing more than kitchen cookware.  Now you must be asking what is a double boiler?, a double boiler is a pan with in a pan to heat water in the bottom pan to heat the top pan.


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Step 1: Cookware Needed

So what you will need is:
small sauce pan
small glass bowl that will fit around the rim of the sauce pan
rubber spatula (not in pictures)
and what ever you will be tempering (almond bark, fondue, etc...)  

Step 2: Putting It Together and Heating the Top Bowl

Now this is really simple all you do is fill the sauce pan with about 1/4 of water. Let this water boil on medium heat. Once starting to boil bring the heat down to low and place the glass bowl on top of the sauce pan.

Step 3: Tempering Your Item

Finally get your item of choice (mine is almond bark). Usually (depends on product) cut your item up into small slices.  Once finally cut up dump about half into the top bowl of the pan and let this start to melt. Stir the item with a rubber spatula until its smooth (be sure to scrape the edges of the bowl)   then add the other half of the item. Let this all temper until smooth, now you have finished tempering use it for what ever you want.  

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    Reply 8 years ago on Step 3

    no no no you can't microwave the almond bark you can't control the temperature to the almond bark and it will "freeze" up the almond bark like chocolate when its too hot