Vibrating Massage

Introduction: Vibrating Massage


This idea is the result of a serious need.

My mom (70 Years old) got this nasty accident and the result was that she got  both legs broken with several fractures, over 36 , and she spend more than 9 hours in surgery. She can barely walk now, but she is alive, and we are really happy about it.

She spend most of her time alone and my father is no very useful either , he only can use one arm, due an explosion when he was young.

Any way, mom need a massage in both legs and she bought  this cheap massager (dolphin shape, battery operated) that went broke really quick, so she ask me if I can repair it.

I throw it to the garbage and build this one, because it was, really, really cheap and its going to broke again.

This is the result.

All the safe precaution were taken in the construction and its work perfectly since then.

Hope you like it.

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