Textile Design on Cloth

About: i am in class 11 and i like making rc cars and other rc stuffs i also like making unique models .

well i was asked in working education class to make a textile design handkerchief so i am here with it. it is easy to make a stylish as well .

Step 1: Material Required

handkerchief or any cloth piece
fabric colour or acrylic colours
design template or image
pencil and eraser

Step 2: How to Make

first of all spread the handkerchief on a cardboard now decide what you want to make. i used a image from internet.
start drawing the image or tracing it on handkerchief.
use your imagination and start colouring it.
give it final touches and let it dry for an hour.
use brush for good colouring.
erase the pencil marking using eraser and wash the cloth with water gently, do not scrub hard.
iron it from back side.
take it with you and be unique.
thanks and for any query please comment.
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    2 years ago

    Found at any craft store: "fabric medium" to add to any acrylic paint. This allows it to be washable.

    azka imtiaz

    3 years ago

    isn't the acrylic paint gonna spread out when we are gonna wash the handkerchief.

    2 replies
    RiteshYadavazka imtiaz

    Reply 3 years ago

    also one more point do not use water as it will spread the acrylic colour. thanks hanky must be dry and brush must be used along with acrylic colour and do not mix water with colours

    RiteshYadavazka imtiaz

    Reply 3 years ago

    no . it is good to use acrylic colours as they can't be removed easily from cloths. I can say so because I had split it over my t shirt and I washed it many times but it didn't go away. so I used it. use can see my other instructable which use acrylic colours only like making optimus prime on handkerchief. also I have washed it once and results are good.
    good luck for your fabric design.