Thank You Cards Made With Magazine Letters!!!!!!!!!

Intro: Thank You Cards Made With Magazine Letters!!!!!!!!!

i will try my hardest to show you how to make thank you cards!!! Enjoy see this link for an image  

Step 1: Step 1

a piece of paper white or colored
a magazine that has ALOT of words
tape or glue
markers (washable)

Step 2: Step 2

first fold the paper in half like a card. than cut out letters from the magazine if you want to spell out get well soon you would cut ;
G , E , T , W , E , L , L  , S , O , O , N :) You may tape all the letters or glue them all.

Step 3: Step 3

once the glue drys if you used glue! get the markers and draw flowers or just doodle if you want! now you have a finished card write in it and give it to the person you wish to give!!!!!!
                  thank you for reading this hope the card comes out good ,
  peace love and happiness!

Step 4: Give It to a Special Someone

now that you completed you master piece give it to a special someone i garentied they will truly enjoy it!!!!



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