The "teleporting" Coin





Introduction: The "teleporting" Coin

this is a short small and sweet little magic trick that takes advantage of the "hand is faster than the eye" principle. the video is kind of to close so i hope the audio helps. **MICHAEL, YOU NEED TO READ THE WHOLE THING. NOT JUST THIS PART!!!SIGNED, THE KID IN MATH CLASS.**

Step 1: The Set Up

you will need an assistant, or if you think you can pick up the coins without letting people see whats in your hands. this is a colse up trick which means, once you get good at it, you can do it sitting accross from the person youre showing it to. any way, you need to have 4 coins that arent as big as quartars...unless you have huge hands.

Step 2: Your Assistant/ur Own Hands

now you get ur assistant/hands(ill just say hands)to put 2 of the coins in your hands.1 in each.then close your hands and put 2 more on top of your fingers.

Step 3: The Dirty Work...

ok, the hardest part that you will need to practice a few times, when you flip over your hand to let the top coins fall off(your really not, thats just what it looks like,) what you do is suck the top coin on your left hand in and drop both coins out of your right hand. do this in one fluid motion quickly just like in the video.

Step 4: The End

the trick is pretty much over now. put the 2 coins that are now on the table on the top of your hands again and then suck them in, flip your hands over, say something about how many coins should be in each hand, ask how many coins should be in each hand, then open your hands and say something like "i guessed you missed the part where the 3re nickle teleported" or something like that as they all fall to the table well away from each other... your done:)



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    8 Discussions

    I'll update it with a tutorial video that shows it in slow motion

    o and... STOP TELLING PEOPLE HOW ITS DONE... grawr... o well, instructable wise, its alright.

    as an amature magician, i have to say... USE ONE COIN take a quarter, place it in the part of your hand that is close to your thumb, where you can see the dent from the base of your thumb meeting your hand. flip the hand with the coin over about a half a second before the other, as you do here. its much more amazing, cause its not complex, the coin just moved. be careful not to let your hands land too close to eachother. goodluck

    Simple misdirection...I always fall for that stuff, haha. I like trying desperately to figure out what's going to happen as it's clearly not gonna be two coins in each hand... But nice trick and presentation. (The grammar gnome screams inside me, "Watch your spelling and the use of "you're" vs "your" in that last sentence and elsewhere.")