The K4 Knex Gun (build)

Introduction: The K4 Knex Gun (build)

About: I am a boy of building maintenance
het is eindelijk zo ver de instructie zijn af ik hoop dat je ze begrijpt en veel plezier met het bouwen van dit geweer

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Step 1: Begin

 nl dit wordt de achterkant van de gun
ook wel de stock je moet goed opletten

 eng This is called the back of the gun
also called the stock you need to be careful

Step 2: The Front Side

This is it for part

Step 3:

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    the instructions are not that great but yeah. maybe, I'm going do something about it but I do not know. also look at my Knex beast gun that is bolt action and works great


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Glad to see that somebody was able to figure it out, however these instructions seem a little incomplete. How did you get the trigger to work? That's the one thing I could never figure out.

    also look at the movie that I made him woow I still convert between measurement but I do not know how to do that sorry (here's a link)