The K4 Knex Gun

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Intro: The K4 Knex Gun

read important!

This Knex gun was made ​​official by kinetic. They project failed. But I tried making the picture I had found and this is the eintproduct become. This rifle has a real working pump and bolt action and trigger etc shoots 50 th. (Kinetic 100 credit) He kite one trgger sisteem what did not back it conveniant kites use 4 arms 2 fixed arms and two movable arms that could trigger in the front sun deck remain. I did ok gebrobeert but that went wrong. triggen trug what goes to the rear where he can stop the bullet (sorry my english is not the best)



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    5 years ago on Introduction

    You translated from dutch? Lol I'm dutch too

    No. there were no pictures posted. but if you zoom in on the picture you can make a big of the mechanism. Sometimes I had to think of something because you can not see everything. but that makes it more challenging


    5 years ago on Introduction

    how did you build this?! nice work man! how ever did you build such an awesome gun from so little visuality kinetic gave? honestly, this is awesome (unless i don't know and he posted pictures or something?).

    I have small things changed. I now have a much better trigger system made​​. And I have a small warehouse in built like so that you place from 6 to 8 bullet can take along had been quite useful. Video is coming