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Introduction: The Plant Doctor

About: Please support and share our mission; the Plant Doctor is a non-profit, open source online research laboratory specializing in electronics+plants. Our vision is to bring together nature and technology in a s...

hello world,

please support & share our mission;


I am the Plant Doctor. I am currently in beta testing stage. I am stable but I need upgrades. .

UPDATE: the plant doctor basic



what is the plant doctor? plant doctor is a mobile device. my purpose is to keep plants healthy. i easily attach to any existing pot and alert the user about their plants health. with the help of a microcontroller and sensors, the plant doctor notifies the user about the plant's condition. it is connected to the cloud, so the user can control the plant doctor remotely from any browsing capable device. I can be attached to any plant pot and stay on for upto a year (forever with the solar skin upgrade)


why? Plants are the building blocks of planet earth yet most people know very little about them. Or maybe you may be scared of not succeeding. some may just not have the time to always make sure their plants are healthy. Plants clean the air. They also naturally absorb negative energy in the air, giving off positive. So for a healthier planet , the plant doctor can be used in greenhouses, indoor or outdoors.


how? plant doctor is an open source non-profit product. unlike mainstream electronics/products (needing constant yearly model changes), the capabilities of the plant doctor is assured to be always at the highest possible level by the end users. the end user can either collect my parts him/herself and put together the plant doctor on their own or make a donation to the plant doctor team and get one shipped to them worldwide (either as DIY kits or finished product).


Plant Doctor is happy to be here on planet earth, let's build !.. .


*make sure to check out the attached .pdf presentation for more info.

Step 1: Frame

I can be made from many different materials. plant doctor is currently made out of 3mm foam board. My current dimensions are 3.5x6x12cm. My first planned upgrade is 3.2mm MDF board. second is a 3D printed shock/water proof case. I will also soon have a screen.


Plant Doctor can be laser cut using;



plastic (*3D print) .


I can be hung on any plant pot with an easy slide on/off system. The design for the soil probes + sensors are in debate still and needs to be worked on. The most recent upgrade can be read here.


attached illustrator file can be used to laser cut me out of 3.2mm MDF board. minor tweaks may be necessary. please ask me before cutting..

Step 2: Heart

My love for plants is kept assured with the help of a microcontroller, couple of sensors and leds. I interact with the user .


The user can easily remove my back cover and access the electronics. All I need to operate is a usb power source to charge my very long lasting batteries. I can be equipped with a rechargable battery as high as 20000mAh, (solar charge upgrade here) .


From here I can control the lights, the sensors, the watering system. End user can always interact with me remotely over wi-fi, manually overriding the system (smart phone app needed here)


I am equipped with a solder free breadboard. almost no tools are required to work on me.


notice the new sensory device in the last two pictures. you can see this upgrade in action with the life box.


In my heart I am equipped with;

pro mini microcontroller + mini breadboard

NTC , LDR, soil probes

9V battery + battery clip + switch

3mm LEDs

2x 10K + 1x 10 + 4x 220 ohm resistors


my planned parts upgrade is a wireless module with SD card.

Step 3: Built in Plant Doctor

Green light means every condition is as needed for the current plant/strain automatically through our online database. the end user simply enters the plant type and age on the webpage


Yellow means plant is sleeping (no light) or fault in the lighting system, if the light is off during ON stage.


Red means the plant is too cold or hot depending on the season.


Blue means the plant is thirsty.


Once either of the sensors are triggered I can send an e-mail, sms or even voice call a phone number. The user can turn on the webcam and see live footage of the plant and read my sensor data on the cloud.


Just attach the sensor to the soil and I'm ready to collect data.


your plant is secured by the plant doctor. Plant Doctor is a project based off "plant health monitor"

Step 4: Conclusion

"The Plant Doctor" an open source non-profit company. please comment or private message if you want to become a beta tester with us.


please ask me any questions that you may have in the comments section. all of my plans and parts are freely available only through instructables. .


Plant Doctor - made on earth . 2014 .


*this post will be updated weekly. subscribe for immediate updates. the updates will also be posted in the comments section below. .

[ things needed to be done; 9/3/2014

we need an online plant doctor forum, with minimum 2 topics - design and technical capabilities. what do users want, what do users need. never lacking fun, simplicity and artsy side of the whole project. - if anyone has time to start a simple forum and operate it, please do so. your help is kindly appreciated, remember that our goal is to make the plant doctor eco-friendly and technically unbeatable at all times and in all fields. this is the purpose of our open source company. you may lack the technical knowledge but are more of an artist and a designer. please help in any way you can. and let's build the best plant doctor together.!]


love & peace

The Plant Doctor



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    I like a the projects you've done so far! I would like to make a donation and was wondering, how do I do that?

    1 reply

    hello malcolmf1, you can visit our facebook page;

    you will see the donate button on the left side, under about section. you can purchase plant doctor tokens (adjust the quantity to adjust the donation amount)

    thank you so much for your interest - your donations will keep this project non-profit and open source forever !!

    we are also about to launch our newest instrument, which will be available as a DIY kit.

    have a nice day


    plant pot.png

    hello michael,

    in the bottom of step 3 you can find detailed info about the code and schematics as well. this is an update from a previous post of mine, " plant health monitor ".

    thank you for your interest. let me know if you are to use it for smtg cool, post pictures !

    What about "Once either of the sensors are triggered I can send an e-mail,
    sms or even voice call a phone number. The user can turn on the webcam
    and see live footage of the plant and read my sensor data on the cloud"

    The code in the plant health monitor 'ible just lights the LEDs.

    very soon sir, i'm working as fast/hard as i can. i need to save money for more parts first. but in the mean time if you want to make these feature yourself please check out; (for webcam) (for webcam) (sim card module) (wifi control)

    there are many other instructables that already have finished my planned upgrades, just in a different package. those should help you find what you are looking for.

    all of the options/upgrades that I suggested are quite simple as you will see from the suggested links above. as I've mentioned in my instructable, these are all ongoing projects, not just the plant doctor but all of my other plant care products are only first prototypes as of now. in this previous step you can read me talk more about the webcam option. thank you