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Introduction: The S3 Semi Automatic Gun

About: I used to build K'nex guns. I'd like to think I've grown to be quite good at it, however, I've lost most of my interest in K'nex over my first couple of years in High School, but I do occasionally still come...
hey guys ! READ THIS PLEASE:
in a world where oblivitus and i have been working on the all mighty SA 3252 concept for ages and ages, i have finally managed to perfect a version of this all mighty creature with a bit of help from a new concept never before seen... i present to you, the biggest knex community in the world, THE SA 3252 V.S.3 (S3). combining the most complicated semi automatic revolving pin and stabilizing mechanism, as well as the amazing alternating trigger, as well as the brand new true trigger for the alternating trigger mechanism, as well as a compact, 5 layer package that gets well over 20 feet (remember it's a prototype semi automatic gun, so that's a lot). i would advise you all to neil before this majestic creature, for it will blow your mind. i give you now, the S3, a work in progress for over 6 months in collaboration with the fore father of the concept, oblivitus, about to have a completed, perfected version.

EDIT: here's my first video for it. i shot one shot, and explained a bit, please watch it through:

i was wrong in the last part of the video. it gets 30 feet right now (i tested it before i made a few mods to the gun. i modded the gun, made the video, and then tested it again, and it got a bit over 30 feet this time (inches)). i shot my cupboard from 4 feet away, and you could really hear the BANG, so... i'm also working on a way to make it stronger atm. dunno if it'll work, but i'm trying. that's the point of building a concept gun lol, isn't it, trying?

 here's a short video of the gun shooting 3 shots semi automatically:

here is another video of the new slide design meant to improve the efficiency of the gun. in the video i also showed the mechanism with one panel off and shot one shot at the end. it is very powerful, and gets a max 40 feet. so here it is:

LAST EDIT (PROBABLY): it's posted ! check it out.

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    great! about designing less complicated guns, sure, i don't think there are many more concepts as complicated as this. it's the most complicated concept i've ever seen, that's for sure. but do you mean you also won't build other's complicated guns?

    not necessarily. i think for this gun specifically the best way to understand is to see with your own eyes and play around with it. my videos being your guide, you could understand it better if you made it. anyway, are you making it?

    Good luck lol. When you finish if you'd like to comment with a picture of your gun, I'll add it to the intro.

    How many bullets does it shoot? And is it powerful? Doesnt the power decrease for each bulet? Alot of questions i know but i just want to have a little idea of how it works. I think i get it but just wanna make sure.

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    atm, i have the spool (rod with pin and crank, where band raps around), winding 7 turns, which is basically about 4 shots atm. the magazine i made for it holds 5 rounds. it gets around 30 feet on the first shot (watch the vids above). yes, it does become weaker after every shot, but i'm working on a way to fix that. i have a pretty good idea. check out the two images above with the massive front barrel. see the slide thing pulled forward by a band that's above the barrel? that concept, just beneath the stock is much better. i have it built, just need to test it now. if you don't understand how this would work, check out my mile-long comment i left for kinetic. and yes, i do believe you get it. watch the first video. it might help shave off any other doubts.

    Yes thats what i thought. Looks good. I read that long message yesterday haha. But im glad u pulled this concept off. It seems to work great. And on that removable power source thing i have one built right now. It is eight shots and they shoot hard. Way better than my first one. Me and kinetic did it. We have two seperate guns to see which one you guys like better. I put more time into this one. There should be a slide show or instructable showing them both today so please take a look at it. Thanks!

    i don't understand what gun you are referring to. did you and kinetic also work on this concept or something? are you working with kinetic on something at all? anyway, great, i'd like to see that thing, so hurry up ! lol, no take your time.

    Remember my failed removable psuedo mag that never took off? Yeah well i revisited and asked kinetic to work on it with me. Once i explained that design to him we both created different guns. Now we will show u them today or tommorow.

    wait, so it's a rubber band gun? i was beginning to worry i might have a big competitor. although what you did looks great and seems to be a great step forward for rubber band guns, i think rubber band guns are impractical. takes too long to load the bands, mag can't have a built in bullet stop, and for war, it just wastes way too many bands, because you can't find most of them. btw, i like the way the bands thing is on top... that's smart. also, it isn't exactly a power pack... well, not of the same sort you would ever use on my gun, anyway. it's a removable rubber band ratchet mech. what i would need for this is an entire spool and stop mechanism. so i'm not sure now that you fully understand how this gun works. i'm uploading a video later today that shows how the mechanism works with one panel off.

    Dude u have no idea. This thing is realible. Kinetic will be posting pics of mine today or tommorow. I was at yellowstone so i coudnt send them to him. But i havent had one mess up with this set up yet. It does great in wars. And tne rubber bands will stay on the the mag so they arent flying at u. And i think i found a mag with a ramp so it can hold bullets and bands in one magazine. But ur gun looks good man. I can see how it works now. Nice job

    i was looking at this 'ible again just out of boredom and came across this comment, i guess i just missed it... anyway, yeah i know, my comment above was said out of lack of knowledge. there still are quite a few impractical things about rubber band guns, such as the loading time, but i was mistaken... your gun is awesome, just wanted to let you know. btw, when are you posting your's? and on the same subject, i will be posting this fairly soon, because i want the parts from it for another semi automatic concept i came up with inspired by something oblivitus told me. i also believe he will continue work on this to try and make it shoot yellow rods from a TR-18 turret. btw, my concept is probably gonna use something similar to your rubber band power pack (though mine will power a self cocking pin, instead of being a slingshot), so i'm also interested in seeing your's to compare and apply anything you've done better than me.

    It fine man. I appreciate ur critisism. I will be posting it some time this week. Me and kinetic decided to let me finish the gun and post it. He needs a break from this for a little while. But i think i really set the new standard for the way rubber band slingers should be made. But i cant wait to see next semiauto. Im gonna step out of the knex semiauto stage because i have a great idea for a bolt action sling shot war gun. One pull of the bolt will load the band and the bullet so slings can now be used in a war.

    this is the comment i posted before:

    looking forward to you posting the gun. so does that mean kinetic won't be posting his? i wanted to see both. that's a shame :( ... anyway, yeah, i agree you did raise the standard, but there will always be newbies posting unnecessary things that have already been done. there are still people posting (non replica) MR. T pin guns, and they're getting worse than ever. people will always post the old things that have way been perfected, simply because they lack the knowledge/confidence/ability/creativity/imagination etc etc. the S3 won't be posted as soon as i thought... i have two weeks now with my gf sleeping over (both parents out of town. they would never let us do this if they knew lol)(and lets hope for great things), and after that i have to finish up some of my school work for the vacation, and then i start school again. i think i will post it in the actual school year or by my next vacation (pretty soon after school starts). and i won't be getting much work on my new idea until i take the S3 apart, which won't happen until i post it... back to your comment, i think if you pull that idea off it would be great. there still are many repeater concepts (non semi auto, not one shot = repeater) that need exploration and/or haven't been thought of yet. they will always be more viable for war than any semi auto, so we do need to try and make them better in any means possible, but semi autos still are cool. i don't really know how you plan to do this, but if you pull it off, i will be a happy man.