The SOPMOD Extras for the (yet Non-working) M4 by Danny.

Introduction: The SOPMOD Extras for the (yet Non-working) M4 by Danny.

okay, in this instructable i will tell you guys how to make the sopmod extra's i made for the M4, this instructable will come in 5 main parts:
1. foregrip
2. grenadelauncher (with special sight)
3. precision sight
4. backup sight
5. supressor

as extra i will post how to make a magazine too!

BIG NEWS (after a long time):
I am currently working on a new grenadelauncehr which has a true trugger, and will be more realistic then the old one with the firing pin, it will have self-proppeling grenades. over and out.

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Step 1: The Foregrip

this is a very simple piece, considering about 70% is just repeating one step...

for the foregrip you will need:
2 white rods
1 blue rod
1 yellow rod
2 dark gray connectors
2 red dark gray connectors
1 yellow dark gray connector
8 wheels
7 blue spacers
1 snap on cog (light gray)

1. your finished foregrip.
2. the part in wich you will build both the handle and the connecting piece.
3. the last end cog, is not a common grey one, it is one with a closed top wich snaps on the end of a rod.
4. voila, your done doing a part of this instructable!

Step 2: The Grenade Launcher (and Sight)

okay, for this part, you first need to modify a little bit on the front of the gun, you can see that in picture 2, 3 and 4.

after you've done that you can start making the sight, the pictures of this part will be 5, 6 and .
the items are:
2 light gray connectors
2 orange connectors
2 small ball joint connector pieces( they end in a rod)
2 blue spacers
2 green rods
1 white rod

now, lets get on to making the actual launcher, for this part you will need:
7 red rods, i used 6 reds, and one tan for the firing pin to hold more tension
2 white rods
3 blue rods
2 white connectors
8 blue rings
6 red connectors
1 orenge connector
lots of rubber bands

8. your parts.
9. snap one white connector the one red rod.
10. put all the 8 rings on the rod.
11 add one more white connector.
12. put 6 other red rods on.
13. force a blue rod on the last space, this may require a hamer or something similar.
14. make these two pieces.
15. connect them to the blue rod.
16. the firing pin, AKA a red/tan rod with with a orange connector on it... you may want to tape this thing really much, as its gonna withstand a huge amount of force..
17. put the firing pin in and add a crapload of rubber bands on this thing.
18. load it like this, pull the pin back, it should pull itself up, and then just balance on the edge of the center of the white connector., to fire it, just push down your firing pun, and voila, you just fired nothing...
19. this are your grenades, these are non fragmentation, if you add a load of rings on them they are.

Step 3: The Precision Sight

mmkay, lets get started with building this one then...

1. this is what you are gonna try to make.
2. this is a reinforcement part, and not necessary, though, if you don't use it it will be very wobbly
3. a simple top view of the sight.

i hope you can figure this sight out, it shouldn't be very hard to do, some 8 year old kid from my street can do it too :p

Step 4: The Backup Sight.

okay people, to make the backup sight you will need:

1 gray connector
2 orange connectors
1 blue rod
1 white rod
1 black Y cap
2 blue spacers
1 tan connector-cap

1. your finished product
2. get the gray connecor and Ycap connected, and clip them to the white rod.
then clip your tan cap on the blue rod and the two rings on the blue rod.
3, 4. connect the lower and upper part with the orange connectors.
5. take of the tan cap and put the sight in the gun like this.
6. put the yellow connector of the gun back and put the tan cap back on the blue rod, with the pin to the inside.
*optional* add a rubber band so that you can easely collapse the sight.

Step 5: The Suppressor

this is the most easy add-on,
it takes just 10 gray connectors, 1 yelow rod, and a ball joint connector.

1. this is what your wanting to make.
2. put all of the connectors on the rod, and shove them to one side, except for one.
3. put the ball joint connector in the remaining "slot"
4. just click it to the barrel like this.

Step 6: EXTRA: Making a Magazine.

1. just some types of magazines.
2. make these parts, the two on the left are identical, just like those on the right.
3. get one side plate, and clip one of the front edges to it.
4. put the other side plate on it.
5. now clip the last edge on it and voila, you just made a magazine.
5. use this little hook to be sure the magazine stays in the place.

Step 7: The Drum Mag (pictures of the Final Result Only)

special thanks to anshuvio2 :)

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    12 years ago on Introduction

    i wish that there is a knex gun that would use ammo clips that would be awesum


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    im pretty sure someone will make one soon in the near future...if they figured out how to make machine guns they can figure out ammo clips


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    Ok I'm about a year late and you probably have found a gun with mags, but if not check out the jamalam's storm 220, that has mags =|


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    i have made at least 10 guns with clips. i never posted them because there easy to build.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    yeah, well those are 07 posts, you posted in 08.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    ya, i know. those were in december of 07. i had made at least 10 guns with mags before that time.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    nice gun, but if you move the mag reciever back and the handle forward, then shorten the barrel an inch or two or three etc, then its a famas.


    12 years ago on Introduction

    dude can u make a mag for my m4? i want a m4 clip that looks like a real one, not the ones ur got thx a lot if u can


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    wot about a superssor for this m4?


    Reply 11 years ago on Step 7

    It probably won't work if you just put ammo in. But if you could add pieces to the inside so it looks like this on the outside, but is an average mag on the inside, the you could get it to work.