"the Sawmahawk"

Introduction: "the Sawmahawk"

About: I'm just guy who loves making things, plain and simple. I love working with both metal and leather

So one day I saw this old saw blade in my garage and thought to myself, "hey let's weaponize something today". This item is intended as a tomahawk. So it works outstandingly well. As the handy people you are I'm shure it's not hard to break this project done by yourself. ;)

Step 1:

Although technically this isn't an instructable, I hope it may serve as inspiration. It's just a bunch of steel flatbars cut and bolted together anyways. The handle is just wood covered in leather and cord but you can use whatever you want. Have fun



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    3 years ago

    reminds me of the psycho tomahawks in borderlands

    Yeah it's actually slightly based off his design

    That looks awesome do you know nonlethalbychoice on YouTube looks similar to his wasteland tomahawk

    Thanks for the advice :) il probably do that. Il just take some more close up pictures and try that out!

    Oh my, that looks gnarly!

    You could make this into a step-by-step instructable pretty easily if you felt so inclined. Just separate the photos into steps to showcase and explain each part of the project (components, how it went together, etc.) Just a tip! :)