The Annoying Scroll Wheel Click Eliminator (smooth Scroll)


Introduction: The Annoying Scroll Wheel Click Eliminator (smooth Scroll)

do you get annoyed with the sound of the scroll wheel? well here is your chance to take that click out of that scroll! if you break your mouse, its not my fault. im doing this mod with a logitech mouse. im not sure that it will work on other mouse but give it a shot.

Step 1: Opening the Mouse

unscrew the mouse and open it.

Step 2: Now Take Out the Scroll Wheel

the title said it all.

Step 3: Time to Take the Pin Out.

so you took the scroll wheel out with its base and now detach the scroll wheel from the base. take out that pin.

Step 4: Put It Back Together

now take the base and the scroll wheel and put it back without the pin. than place it back on the mouse.close everything then test it out. the scroll has to work without a noise.

Step 5:

if you have any questions just post it and i will give you the answer asap but you have to come back to this instructable for the answer.



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    7 Discussions

    The photos in this instructable are almost too blurry to be useful. Can you provide clearer ones?

    Good instructable. This can be done with many mice. I've tried this with my Logitech Trackman Wheel trackball and it works fairly well. The only bad part about it is that the wheel becomes a little TOO easy to move (at least in my opinion). It might be a possible to increase the physical resistance between the wheel axle and the mouse to alleviate that.

    1 reply

    just depends on how hard the little wire is pressing up against the track wheel, i assume if you bend it a little it could fit your prefrence

    I cannot get my mouse to scroll AT ALL!  I have a Windows XP.  What do I adjust on my computer to allow me to scroll again?

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    some mice simply break if the scroll wheel is altered with, i did it twice today with some old mice... especially dell mice :o

    That's cool. I really hate my mouse's click. It is really loud. I'm not going to try it cuz I don't have a replacement, but once I do I'll try it. Now if I can just stop the keyboard keys from making noise.